Nicole Meline

Nicole Meline weaves movement, breath, music, poetry, and the unexpected into practices that expand the heart. Her ALTER movement and meditation practices are sanctuaries of sweat and revelatory stillness to recover joyful creativity. She’s the author of the Envision Planner and Integrate Journal, celebrated workbooks for refining purpose and plans. Her digital courses Weighty and Heartwood are potent frameworks for transformation. Nicole is also the host of the beloved ALTER Podcast and ALTER Journeys soulful adventure retreats.

An ironman triathlete and eternal student with four masters degrees, Nicole celebrates the art of balancing hustle and flow, engaging work as restful, sustainable, sacred offering. After a decade in New York City as a writing teacher at Columbia and Rutgers, apprentice at Pure Yoga, and Peloton founding master instructor, she makes a home in the high desert of New Mexico with her wolf mutt Everest.

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